2014 Comprehensive Agreement On The Bangsamoro

It further reaffirms the commitment of both parties to the following agreements/documents: e. addendum to the waters and areas of joint cooperation of Bangsamoro (signed on 25 January 2014), in which the volume of waters under the territorial jurisdiction of Bangsamoro (12 nautical miles from the coast) and common cooperation or water areas (Sulu Sea and Moro-Gulf) on the territory of the Philippines; Pursuing its goal of liberating Bangsamoro, the MNLF implicated government forces in extensive armed collisions,[5] which culminated in the early 70s, when rebel blitzes gave them control of a large number of communities around Cotabato City and its airport complex. This led the Marcos regime to bolster the military presence by deploying nearly three-quarters of the army[6] in most Muslim regions of Mindanao.

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