Adjective Agreement In Arabic

47 To summarize, it should be mentioned that there is a specific list of sub-tants in the plural with which the adjectives in the sound are plurally feminine. Out of 18 nouns in the plural, eight are nouns, y`t, three names are ayy`m, one is the Nomen a`hur, two names are sunbulét, and the other four are nouns: qud`rin, raw`siya, qi`a` and `ann`t. Moreover, only the two Ayyim have the second type of chord in which an adjective in singular femininity coincides with them. An important fact that is addressed during the analysis is that the female sound form of the adjective is limited to active and passive participations. There is an extraordinary form that is of na`isét. 62 He proposes that it is possible that, in the first gaal verse, the people may be considered a group, whereas they see it in the following verse as many individuals – that is why the verb is plural. While this explanation is plausible, Young believes that it is impossible to find rules that can explain the choice of a single agreement on plural agreements (Young 1999, p. 56). To refer to the examples of the Qur`an, one could say that the adjective in the singular, which corresponds to faw, indicates that faw “should be called a group, a collective and not an individual.

Yet one wonders why, in the same verse, the pronoun and the verb are plural. hiya l-ismu d`llu `al`ba`i a`w`i ḏ-ḏāti wa-ḏālika na`wa`wa`lun wa-qa`lun wa-`qilun wa-a`maqu wa-q`imun wa-q`q`idun (…)) wa-yuq-lu innaha li-t-taéi f`n-nakir`ti wa-li-t-taw`i f-ma`rifi.4″The adjective is a nominative that refers to some of the situations and qualities of modified nomène, z.B.: tall, short, intelligent, stupid, standing and sitting […] It is said that the adjective is used for specifications if it follows an indeterminate noun, and it is used to clarify things if it follows a particular noun. 5 The biggest change is the total absence of a grammatical case in familiar variants. If the traps have been specified by short vowels, these are simply removed. Otherwise, the pausal form of the initial oblique case was generally generalized in all cases (but it is generalized in nominatives – generalized in “long construction”). The original nunation extension, which indicates the indeterminate state, is also lost in most varieties, and where it persists, it has different functions (. B, for example, in conjunction with a modifier such as an adjective or relative clause). The distinction between Triptote and Diptote has disappeared, as has the distinction between the defect – to and the immutable – both of which are scraped by -a (short for -a); likewise can have defects -in Substantive now a game end -i, pausal/definitiv shortcut. 56In conclusion, the agreement with the non-human plural can be presented as follows: this sentence was not complete in English norms because there was no missing noun, but in Arabic it is a perfect sentence.

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