Agreement With The Port

Selection (prequalification): reactions to the profile are checked according to the prequalification criteria. The long list obtained will then be subjected to another test and will probably be limited to a shortlist to ensure that only serious bidders will submit proposals. Agreement: the concession agreement between the port authority [port or land] and the operator, to whom this roadmap belongs, including all timetables, and how it may be amended, amended or amended from time to time. Interfaces: The shortlisting process, with concise information being passed on to a long list of bidders and the need for the latter to know more, will almost certainly spark interactions between potential bidders and stakeholders within the government or port authority. This may result in a pretender meeting, workshops, road shows, investor visits, one-on-one interviews or other similar events. This concept is called BOT, BOOT or BOO, depending on the terms of the concession agreement. Concession contracts are often developed under a BOT programme and are specific agreements between a government or port authority and a special purpose vehicle set up by the concessionaire to carry out the construction and operation of a port development project. In the context of concessions, the final ownership of the assets concerned belongs to the national or local government or the port authority. . . .

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