Ccri Transfer Agreements

CCRI has formal articulation agreements with a number of bachelor`s colleges throughout New England. It is your responsibility to inquire about these agreements and plan your CCRI curriculum accordingly. It`s best for you to do this early in your career here. If the transferred course work complies with the benchmark (minimum grade requirement) for performance-based health sciences, it is not possible to grant additional transfer courses for the same requirement. However, if a student chooses to take the required course, they can only be taken with CIRB. Students must first meet with an admissions officer or academic advisor for advice and obtain an academic plan: [email protected] or 401-825-2301. In addition, applicants to the program of care must have completed human physiology within five years of entering NURS 1010. With the help of your advisor, select the program of study that matches your interests and transfer needs. Your main subject determines the 4-year school you are taking and the course work you must take at CCRI. Universities and universities interested in researching transfer opportunities should contact Us: after checking your transcripts, a CCRI advisor will help you discover the courses you need to complete your degree or certificate. If you think you qualify for the retrocession or have questions about the process, please contact us: [email protected] or 401-333-7092.

Our university-to-university agreements allow students to move to a four-year school after graduating with an associate degree from CCRI. Students are encouraged to speak to representatives of four-year-old schools to maximize their transfer points. For more information on these agreements, please visit this page. Our program-to-program agreements allow students to focus on a core subject during the CIRB and prepare for the transition to a specific core subject at a four-year institution. The agreements allow students to maximize their transfer points and enter the four-year institution as juniors. Detailed information about our current contracts is available online. Normally, transfer procedures begin towards the end of the semester preceding the last semester. However, it is recommended that transfer planning begins during the student`s first semester at the university. Requests for grade certificates to be sent to higher colleges are directed to the Office of Enrollment Services. Recommendations for academic transfer are provided through the guidance centre.

CiRB and Providence College consultants have transfer equivalency cards and basic equivalency records. Advisors and students can also access our Equivalency transfer database using the following link: While some four-year institutions prefer the student to meet the requirements of the Associate Degree prior to transfer, access requirements vary widely in four-year colleges. . . .

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