Collective Agreement Arbitration Bureau Bc

97. The Commercial Arbitration Act does not apply to arbitration proceedings under this Code. (g) to interpret and apply any law governing the employment relationship of persons bound by a collective agreement, when the provisions of the law are contrary to the provisions of the collective agreement, and (2) The jurisdiction of an arbitration body to consult and determine a difference only ceases when the issue is definitively resolved. 91. If a difference has been submitted to arbitration and a party to arbitration complains to the Minister that the arbitration body has not made a decision within a reasonable time, the Minister, after hearing the parties and the arbitration body, may issue an order that the Minister deems necessary to ensure that a decision is made without further undue delay. 87. 1. Any party to the collective agreement may, within forty-five days of the completion of the appeal proceedings that preceded a reference to arbitration, ask the Director to appoint a conciliation officer to help them settle the difference if the claim is accompanied by a statement on the difference to be settled. 2.

Any collective agreement must include a provision for a final and conclusive settlement of all disputes between the related persons agreed by the parties, in accordance with its interpretation, application, implementation or alleged violation, including whether a case is arbitral. 86. (1) Despite Section 85, if the Director fails to appoint or establish an arbitration body under a collective agreement or under section 84 (3), the director, at the request of one of the parties, makes the appointments necessary for the composition of an arbitration board and a person appointed by the director is deemed to be appointed in accordance with the collective agreement. or paragraph 84, paragraph 3. (a) the employer may not dismiss or discipline a worker bound by this agreement for any fair and reasonable reason; Under the current code, collective partners must submit a copy to the LRB within 30 days of the contract being concluded. This provision has often been ignored. The labour code review body stressed that the filing of collective agreements has several desirable objectives. In particular, it allows the public to access collective agreements to improve the effectiveness of collective bargaining. 104. 1. A party to a collective agreement may give the director a difference in deciding on its interpretation, application, exploitation or alleged violation, including whether a case is arbitral, for expedited arbitration.

(10) The other provisions of this section apply to an arbitration procedure under this section, with the necessary amendments to accommodate appointments and expedited procedures in this section.

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