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Designed and developed by a consortium of 18 universities in the UK, led by Queen Mary, University of London, VISTA has become an in-kind contribution to ESO as part of the UK`s ratification agreement. The design and construction of the telescope was managed by the UK Astronomy Technology Centre (STFC, UK ATC) of the Science and Technology Facilities Council. The provisional adoption of VISTA was officially given by ESO at the December 2009 ceremony at ESO`s headquarters in Garching, which was attended by representatives from Queen Mary, the University of London and THE STFC. Since then, the telescope has been operated by ESO[68] and has been taking high-quality images since it was commissioned. [69] [70] The agreement will promote the strategic coordination of the long-term plans of the two organisations as well as the coordination of specific programmes. It will also encourage the coordination of scientific and training programmes and the exchange of good practices in many areas. Coordination in the areas of services, instruments and resources is also encouraged. Other areas covered by the new agreement are technological development and public relations. In 2017, Breakthrough Initiatives and the European Southern Star Observatory (ESO) collaborated[90][91] to enable and implement the search for habitable planets in the nearby Alpha Centauri star system. The agreement includes Breakthrough Initiatives, which are funding an upgrade of the VLT Imager and Spectrometer for mid-Infrared (VISIR) instrument [92] at ESO`s Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile.

This upgrade will significantly increase the likelihood of planetary recognition in the system. Please read the following terms and conditions of use carefully before using this website (“Site”). By accessing or using this Site, you agree to the following terms and conditions, including the Website Code of Conduct, which together constitute a legally binding agreement between you and ESO Solutions, Inc. (ESO Solutions). You should check these terms and conditions regularly, as they may change at any time at our sole discretion. If you do not agree with any condition, you should not access or use this website elsewhere. With respect to your use of and/or access to content contained in certain parts of this site, you may be required to agree to any policies or other terms in addition to the terms set forth herein. In 1966, the first ESO telescope began operating at the La Silla site in Chile. [13] Since CERN (like ESO) had sophisticated instrumentation, the astronomy organisation often turned to the nuclear research body for advice, and in 1970 a cooperation agreement was signed between ESO and CERN.

A few months later, ESO`s telescopic service moved to a CERN building in Geneva and ESO`s Sky Atlas Laboratory was installed on CERN`s grounds. [19] In 1980, ESO`s European services moved to ESO`s new headquarters in Garching (near Munich). There are significant overlaps between ESO, the leader in terrestrial astronomy, and ESA, the European leader in space research and technology. The new agreement provides a framework for future cooperation and exchange of information in many areas, including technology and scientific research. СЛЕДУЮЩИЕ ПОЛОЖЕНИЯ НАСТОЯЩЕЙ СТАТЬЕ 11 ПРИМЕНЯЮТСЯ ТОЛЬКО В ТОЙ СТЕПЕНИ, В КОТОРОЙ ОНИ НЕ ПРОТИВОРЕЧАТ ПРЕДУСМОТРЕННЫМ ЗАКОНОМ ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬСТВАМ (В ЗНАЧЕНИИ, ОПРЕДЕЛЕННОМ ДЛЯ ЭТОГО ТЕРМИНА В СТАТЬЕ 1). They may not otherwise export, re-export, download, or transfer the Game (“export”) (i) to countries that require an export or export license for which the U.S. government prohibits, including countries subject to economic sanctions, or (ii) to persons or entities prohibited from receiving goods or services originating in the United States. . .


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