Henry Ford College Michigan Transfer Agreement

An articulation agreement is signed between a Community College and UM-Dearborn in order to offer a guaranteed detailed path for a particular academic program. Henry Ford College and Wayne State have a strong partnership and work closely together to ensure student success. Students can transfer up to 64 credits from Henry Ford to their WSU degree (more if you follow certain articulation agreements). The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) allows students to take general education courses at participating colleges and universities in Michigan. Students can take the MTA as a member of an associate degree or as a standalone package at Michigan institutions. These credits, certified by a Michigan Community College, must be completed according to the following distributions: A student may use the articulation guide requirements in effect at the time of the student`s first registration at a Community College or the requirements of a subsequent articulation guide. In the event that the student does not meet the degree requirements within seven years, the student may be asked to have their credits assessed in accordance with a new articulation code or catalogue. Archived articulation guides can be found at this link or by contacting Community College Relations. Our transfer guides prepare HFC students for a number of WMU-specific majors. If your main topic is not mentioned, please contact your WMU representative for further support. In 2012, the Michigan Legislature added language to the Community College Endowments Act, which focused on improving the transferability of basic university courses, revising the current Michigan Association of College and Admissions Officers (MACRAO) agreement and renaming it the Michigan Transfer Agreement. Henry Ford College and the University of Michigan-Dearborn have much more in common than Evergreen Road. Both are committed to providing students in Southeast Michigan with an affordable, quality education.

This website has been designed to provide you with all the necessary elements to enable a smooth transition from HFC to its training as a Wolverine.

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