Mn Attorney General Hospital Agreement

Swanson also praised Senator Linda Berglin for her role in solving the problem. Swanson recalled testifying in 2005 with Senator Berglin on laws to deal with the problem. “Senator Berglin has long been a leader in health care and the uninsured and has consistently demonstrated her commitment to improving access to care and fairness in medical billing for all Minnesotans,” said Swanson. As part of the agreement: “Minnesota hospitals are proud to continue our leadership in innovation on this issue and our commitment to putting patient care first,” said Bruce Rueben, president of the Minnesota Hospital Association. The current agreement extends a termination agreement already reached in May 2005 between the Attorney General`s Office and Minnesota hospitals for another five years, during which Minnesota was the first state in the country to address this national problem. (The original agreement was for a trial period of two years). “Our office has worked hard with hospitals to ensure that this successful agreement, which is the first of its kind in the nation, continues to work for Minnesotans. I commend Minnesota hospitals and their association for continuing their leadership in managing this national issue,” Swanson said. Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson and Minnesota Hospital Association President Bruce Rueben announced last week an agreement between the Minnesota Attorney General`s office and all Minnesota hospitals that sets medical standards for billing and collection for all Minnesota hospitals. Next post: First data close the acquisition of Instant Cash.

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