Ndfa Project Agreement

The acquisition and delivery of approved PPP projects was the focus of NDFA`s activities in 2017. The NDFA is responsible, in collaboration with its services and client agencies, for the implementation of PPP projects in the fields of education, health, justice and housing, for a total amount of capital estimated at €1.5 billion. The NDFA acts as a financial advisor throughout the PPP program. The NTMA is called the National Development Finance Agency (NDFA) when it financially advises public authorities on major public investment projects with a financial value of more than €20 million and procures and implements public-private partnership (PPP) projects in sectors other than transport and local authorities. Other projects funded by the NDFA in 2017: the Forensic Science Laboratory, secure managed digital network services, national forensic mental health services hospital and cork radiation oncology unit. The NDFA, in partnership with its services and client agencies, supports the implementation of PPP projects in the fields of education, health, justice and housing, for a total amount of capital estimated at €1.5 billion. With regard to the new projects, the NDFA has worked closely with the Judicial Service, the Health Service Executive and the Department of Education and Skills for the development of the next tranche of projects including higher and family courts, communal care units and third-level institutions. The NDFA also cooperated with the European Investment Bank (EIB) to obtain a €490 million direct loan from the Treasury, signed in December 2017. funding for the new “Children`s Hospital” project. This is the EIB`s largest financial commitment in Ireland to date and the largest individual investment in the health sector in its history.

As part of its legal mission, the NDFA financially advises public authorities carrying out major public investment projects. In 2017, the NDFA advised on a number of residential projects, including social housing rentals and rental mortgage systems. It has also provided financial advisory services to local authorities on the use of their rural banks to accelerate the provision of social, affordable and private housing, in line with government policy. The NDFA also advises Dublin City Council on the Dublin Waste to Energy PPP project in Poolbeg, Dublin, which was commissioned in 2017. The project was successfully refinanced in 2017 and the state achieved savings of more than €8 million. EUR. Work at the Dublin Institute of Technology Grangegorman PPP resumed in 2017, after the Minister for Education and Qualifications and NTMA ruled in favour of the Minister for Education and Qualifications in October 2016 in an unsuccessful bidder case. The financial statements were completed in March 2018 and the project is scheduled to be commissioned in 2020. The NDFA advises infrastructure projects, including PPPs, for an estimated total amount of capital of €5.5 billion.

At the request of the Department of Education and Skills, the NDFA took over the contract management of all operational PPP schools. At the end of 2017, the NDFA managed the contracts for five school projects with 27 schools. As part of a service level agreement, assistance shall cover the monitoring of the PPP undertakings concerned in the performance of their obligations under the PPP contract and shall ensure that the long-term value of those contracts is recognised. The NDFA also provides contract management services for the Convention Centre, Dublin….

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