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Your NDIS plan is based on the discussion you had at your planning meeting. Your plan contains the following information: Hello I am an individual Osteopath entrepreneur and I am interested in offering manual therapy and rehabilitation services for people at home as part of the NDIS. Can you point me in the right direction, please, to get information on how to get started? Whether you`re looking for a registered provider or not, it can be difficult and tedious to find the right one for your situation – so we`ve listed 5 different ways to find the perfect service provider. By default, plan management is not included in NDIS plans, but all you need to do is request it at your next NDIS planning meeting, and it will be included in your plan (in the Enhanced Life Selection category). This is great information, so if I understand you correctly, in a self-managed plan, the only difference between an invoice from a registered supplier and an unregregicated supplier would be that the unregregized supplier can calculate an amount above the price cap of an item and NDIS always pays for the calculated amount. What fees do I charge for partner management of my plan? To access an unregregant provider, you must either manage your NDIS plan yourself or use an NDIS plan manager. If your plan is NDIA Managed, you can only access providers registered with NDIS. You may not have funded all the support categories in your plan. Some people may have funded one or two categories of support and others may have more. This depends on your individual needs and may vary from plan to plan depending on the supports and services you need.

Okay, it`s useful to know where we are. You are right, it is an NDIS and industry problem, unfortunately, the NDIA has been very little useful. I think that some of the wording relating to how the management of the plan is encouraged should be changed, because it seems to imply that the participants have a choice of suppliers, but it is not a real “choice”, because they can only have that choice if these suppliers are willing to calculate well below their standard tariff? This does not really increase the choice of service providers for participants, as it is not precisely for this reason that companies choose not to register; they cannot conduct quality activity at the highest possible rates. I know it`s not the plan managers` fault, but we have a lot of very disappointed participants who realize that they don`t really have a “choice” between service providers and plan managers who ask us to work for less than our operating costs. Once you have selected your suppliers, you must agree on how your services and support are provided and paid for. You will be encouraged to have a service agreement with anyone or your suppliers in order to clarify what they offer, the costs and how you can exit the agreement if you are not satisfied with the service provided. Registered suppliers are referred to as “NDIS Registered Suppliers” and meet state quality and safety standards. While there is no rule on what should be included in a service contract, it should contain enough detail to avoid any misunderstanding about the medium provided. As a general guide, your service contract should contain: Hello Brett, Yes, if the invoice complies with NDIS requirements and is secured by sufficient resources in your plan, the NDIS will most likely approve it. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter by leaving your data in one of our articles in the “Stay informed” box. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Cordial greetings, The PlanPartner team In order to ensure that participants can continue to access their support during COVID-19, the NDIS has facilitated the transition to plan management and the use of all service providers, including those who have not registered for the NDIS.

To make the change, call the NDIS on 1800 800 110 and request a revision of the plan by phone….

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