Pagdi Agreement Format

1) Have you entered into a lease with the landlord? There is no legal word like pagdi in the Law on transfer of ownership. It is a local system in which the person holding a property receives a certain agreed amount before entrusting the ownership of this property to the buyer. If such a buyer wishes to continue to transfer on behalf of other persons, he also requests an increased amount in the name of pagdi. Some time former owners of these properties, when they return the property to the owner, even then they charge the amount of him called pagdi. As I have said before, this system has no value before the eyes of the law. It is an informal system of instruction and is honored by most parties. But the convention is that if the same thing is transferred on the pagdi basis to another person, the gain is shared 50: 50 between the country master and the tenant of Pagdi. * In May 2017, traders who were tenants of Pagdi in the Chandni Chowk area of Delhi were evicted. Up to 10,000 such businesses have been affected, more than 50,000 unemployed and many more under the radar. These traders have called for changes in the Delhi Rent Control Act. If the property is sold, the owner of the property can in principle immediately resell and recover his 1 Crore (with the exception of selling costs, etc.). If the pagdi apartment is sold, the owner of the “new* pagdi” can in principle resell for 1 crore (with the exception of selling costs, etc.), but immediately takes a hit of 33%, since he must pay as much to the Landlorf for the transfer of the rental note.

I plan to sell my Pagdi apartment, my landlord is not ready to transfer my apartment to another party name, he insists on selling the apartment to him and pays very little amount based on the market value, Since I am willing to pay him the amount in accordance with the law, which I receive from an external party, please guide me with solution 1. The person who originally rented the house against the Pagdi system, i.e. Mr. X or all his legal heirs, have the right to transfer the lease on your behalf. * In Mumbai last year, the Maharashtra government decided it would intervene and even lower the outdated system, but this was not well received by the state`s Pagdi Kirayadars. Low rent is hardly a motivation for the landlord and so such buildings are usually overlooked when it comes to repair and maintenance. This year, the Land Government reported that owners of buildings in the Pagdi system could increase the rent by 25 percent in the event of repair work. Soon after, after protests from tenants who said their landlords had accepted nuisances and arbitrary price increases citing reparations, the decision was overturned. .

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