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DIGIPASS aims to improve the impact of mobility experiences for students by providing a comprehensive approach to online mobility assistance. It will complement current projects such as Paperless Erasmus, the European Student Card, the Online Learning Agreement and the Erasmus app, focusing on the soft skills needed to make the mobility experience a success. There is a clear need to improve online support in areas such as career guidance, cross-cultural communication and intellectual well-being abroad, as many students say that the current level of orientation is not sufficient to help them take full advantage of the potential benefits of their learning mobility. The UoE is strongly committed to the internationalization of all its activities: teaching, research, knowledge exchange, innovation and public relations. Mobility in all areas of academia and all kinds plays a central role in the international institutional strategy. Edinburgh Global, formerly an international office, is at the forefront of the internationalization agenda and manages all student credit mobility as well as short-term international experiences for students and staff. Before you leave Edinburgh, you must conclude and submit an apprenticeship agreement that outlines your curriculum for the coming year or semester. This includes some research in turn in the courses offered at your host university. Most institutions list their course offers on their website. If your institution is one of our exchange partners and covers your specialty, you should contact the exchange coordinator of your home institution and ask for procedures to follow to be appointed to Heriot-Watt University. Unfortunately, we cannot accept application forms for students who have not been formally appointed by their university.

You can apply for Erasmus if you are currently enrolled in your first year of study (or beyond) in a home-based institution that has an Erasmus exchange contract with the University of Edinburgh and your home institution has designated you for your studies with us. You can check our exchange agreements to see if we have an exchange link with your university. If we do, the next step will be to contact the Foreign Studies Advisor or the international office of your home university to find out if the Erasmus exchange will be an option for you: if you are interested in studying as an exchange student at Heriot-Watt University, you should check with your institution`s international office to find out if a bilateral agreement has been signed with Heriot Watt University.

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