Vmware End User License Agreements

The End User License Agreement does not provide for termination by Licensee except at the end of the License Term. See VMware End User License Agreement (“EULA”), Section 10. 1.0 Licensing. This EULA grants you, the user, a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the object code software for internal commercial purposes (and not for the management of third party data, unless the product you expressly grant) under the terms set forth herein. The software is to be installed, used and provided in accordance with the specific license you have acquired, a description of the license is available under www.veeam.com/licensing-policy.html (“Licensing Directive”). These AESE and the Licensing Guideline may be updated from time to time, at Veeam`s sole discretion, and are made available under www.veeam.com 4.0 Evaluation and Licenses “Not for Resale”. Specific information, including license keys, prices, marketing materials, or other non-public information exchanged between Customer and VMware, is confidential and may not be disclosed without VMWare`s permission. It is important to keep in mind that this provision extends the termination of the contract. See VMware End User License Agreement (“EULA”), sections 10 and 11.1. 6.0 Maintenance and Support (“Maintenance”) for the Software is available in accordance with the Licensing Directive and Support Policy, which are available under www.veeam.com/support.html. Maintenance, if included in the purchased software, begins from the date your order is processed and the license file is generated. You will receive (a) support for your software and (b) any updates, extensions or enhancements contained or defined in the maintenance policies.

Software updates cannot be applied to the software with outdated maintenance…

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